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Join MIDOC's Affiliate program!?

Capitalize on Australia expanding $400 million per year Telehealth market

Earn up to 20% for every successful purchase using your link! Its like owning your own business!

MIDOC Affiliates

Select a plan to earn passive income while just sending your link to your social media friends or community.

Free Plan

Cost $0 month


Between 2-5%

on every successful purchase

Starter Plan

Cost $25 month



on every successful purchase

Professional Plan

Cost $100 month



on every successful purchase

How much can I make?

Imagine having a network of 300 Australian social media friends, each averaging 9.7 sick days and requiring two prescriptions annually. With your link, that's 3,000 purchases a year. At a 20% commission rate and an average order value of $22.40, you could earn up to $13,440 annually. The best part? You earn every time your link is used. Join us for a high-income potential opportunity.

What about a facebook group or a social media influencer with thousands of followers in Australia. Now that is serious income, well in excess of $30,000 to $100,000 plus per year

What services can I earn passive income?

  • Medical Certificates

  • Carer's Certificates

  • Telehealth

  • Scripts

  • Specialist referrals

  • Antibiotics

And very soon

Medications, Consumables and more

Turn Your Network into Net Worth! Join the booming Australian telehealth industry by signing up for the MIDOC.COM.AU Affiliate Program. Share your unique link, inspire health and wellness purchases, and reap a lucrative up to 20% commission on every successful sale!

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Lucrative Market: Dive into the rapidly growing $400 million Australian telehealth sector.

  • Absolute limited spots available.

  • Earn Passively: Your referrals work for you around the clock, even when you're not.

  • Reputable Brand: Align with MIDOC.COM.AU, a trusted name in online health services.

  • Transparent Tracking: Access a cutting-edge dashboard to track your success anytime.

  • Unlimited Earnings: There’s no cap—your earning potential is endless.


Simple Steps to Success:

  1. Register and select a plan.

  2. Receive your personalized link.

  3. Spread the word across your network, social media and any other channel.

  4. Collect your earnings as your referrals convert.

Join a Winning Team: Become an integral part of a thriving community of affiliates who are shaping the future of online 24/7 healthcare in Australia.

Get Started Today!

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